Bacon and Brews Festival - Bacon5Kegs - 2021 Booths

VENDORS: Connect with customers as they eat some bacon, shop, enjoy music, eat some more bacon and have fun! Thousands of people will come to enjoy the incredible selection of bacon-related foods, entertainment, and all the high-quality products. Plan to be a part of their fun-filled day. 


You are required to offer a minimum of 3 bacon infused items on your menu. Everything else is optional. You will receive a free "Bacon and Brews" branded sign listing your 3 main bacon related items and prices. This will be made by our design team and given to you when you at check in.  Additional signage or banners are available for additional cost. Our design team can quote you on branding tents, banners, signs, shirts and so much more.

To better serve you and your customers we have added more questions on the registration about what your needs are for your truck, trailer, booth.  Having this information ahead of time will better equip us to have your vendor spot marked and ensure your needs are met.

Please click and read the terns and conditions for more info before applying. We are accepting food applications until August 1, 2021 or until full.