Superheros 5K / 8.5K - 2020

5K Sponsorship/Advertising Information 

How it helps us: Sponsorship is the key to the success of our events.  Your sponsorship increases the value of the event to our participants, helps us keep entry costs low, and allows us to orchestrate these type of events so they can continue in our community.  

How it helps you: Sponsorships help your business increase its credibility, improve its public image, and build prestige. Like any form of marketing, it should be used strategically as a way to reach your target customers. As you build your marketing plan, research the events and causes that your ideal customers care about.

Is Sponsorship Tax Deductible: YES! It is 100% Tax deductible as an "Advertising Expense". Although the participating organization will benefit greatly from your sponsorship, you are getting something in return, sponsorship can not be considered a charitable contribution no matter what type of organization is providing the opportunity. It is not a donation nor is it a “favour”. Sponsorship is a commercial arrangement, meaning both parties are in it for some form of commercial gain – direct on indirect. 

We have a sponsor level for everyone with great perks!  

If you are interested in a sponsorship opportunity or hav a unique opportunity for us, please select a level below or contact us at 1.877.570.4434

Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship Inclusions Price Select
  • Recognition in all 5K Email blasts.
  • Recognition on Catch The 5K webpage.
  • Logo visibility on 5K T-Shirts
  • Opportunity to place promotional material in all runners’ bags.
  • Digital Promo Option
    • Opportunity to host your company tent/booth at the event.
    • Name listed on 5K T-Shirts.
    • Display your merchandise, brochure & giveaways
    • Recognition in all 5K Email blasts.
    • Recognition on 5K webpage.
    • Logo visibility on 5K T-Shirts.
    • 2 Free Entries into the race.
    • Digital Promo Option
      In-Kind Raffle/Prize Sponsor
      • Placement of your logo on our website
      • Placement of your logo on event flyers (as applicable)
      • Exposure at Awards Ceremony
      • Provide us an item you would like us to giveaway
      • Digital Promo Option
        T-Shirt Sponsor
        • Your logo or text n the back if our event T-shirts
        • Recognition on all 5K email blasts Recognition on 5K webpage
        • Recognition on 5K webpage
        • Name listed on 5K T-shirts
        • Digital Promo Option
          Swag Bag Inserts
          • Insert into Swag Bag to all participants
          • Need promotional Product/insert 7 days before event date
          • We will insert item in bag for you
            Venue Sponsor
            • Expose your business to the community and generate additional income.
            • Premium placement of your logo on our website (with link)
            • Logo on advertisements and traffic to your place of business.
            • Recognition on press releases and all marketing materials
            • Digital Promo Option
              Superhero Cape
              • Logo on back of 100 Superhero Capes
              • Adult size super-hero capes
                Tribute Balloons
                • Logo on Balloons