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About Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group


Beautifully Unblemished is committed to promoting Vitiligo awareness and providing valuable resources to help people deal with the impact that vitiligo has on their lives.  Serving as Florida’s sole Vitiligo support group, the mission of Beautifully Unblemished Vitiligo Support Group is to impact quality of life for Vitiligo patients and their families, by:

  • raising awareness and understanding of Vitiligo.
  • providing ongoing support and education through meetings, seminars, and webinars; and
  • enabling patients living with Vitiligo to find support in this safe and inclusive community.

Since the foundation of BUVSG Inc. the organization has continued to expand, strengthening bonds within BUVSG and our communities as we work together to eradicate the social stigma surrounding Vitiligo. 

BUVSG offers patient support through the following ways:

  • In person support group meetings throughout Central and South Florida
  • Providing information concerning vitiligo to our group members through our website, social media platforms, and newsletters
  • Promotion of clinical trials, patient surveys, treatment options, and research information.
  • Classroom education for Elementary/Middle/High school aged students living with vitiligo
  • Youth retreats focused on mental health, acceptance, and self confidence
  • Mental health counseling and mindfulness training





 Vitiligo is a condition that is caused by inflammation in the body that results in the skin losing its natural pigment and color. Vitiligo affects 70 million men, women, and children worldwide and causes significant challenges to mental health and self-esteem.


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“We love you Mom/Granny Rosa Cambridge! Love, Stephanie & Jackson ”

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“Tribute to my Soror Rosa Cambridge”

- Inez V. Joseph

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