$5 Raised for The Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc

Charity Goal: $10,000
Money Raised: $5

About The Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc

Working together to rebuild lives affected by mental illness


Changes lives and inspires hope and opportunity for persons with a mental illness.

The Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc. has been empowering adults living with mental illness in the Racine community for 25 years. We proudly provide social support and self-directed programming that helps our members achieve their social, educational, and vocational goals.

Racine Friendship Clubhouse, Inc. is one of over 300 clubhouses worldwide modeled on the Clubhouse Rehabilitation Model established by Fountain House more than 40 years ago.  We are one of only five clubhouses in Wisconsin.  The program is centered around the “work-ordered day” which allows us to provide an environment much like one would find in a typical workplace.  The clubhouse model is based on the belief that our members are partners in their own recovery, rather than merely passive recipients of treatment and that meaningful work and relationships are integral parts of their recovery. Members work alongside staff to organize, administer, and carry out the program. Success is dependent upon the degree to which members assume responsibility for themselves.

Our clubhouse adheres to the standards set by Clubhouse International.

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