$3,430 Raised for Dave Irwin Scholarship Fund

Charity Goal: $10,000
Money Raised: $3,430

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Draeger Dashers Raised: $350 of $500.00
Debbie Sells Raised: $260 of $200.00
Team McQueen Raised: $35 of $1000.00
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Tracie Tsiamis $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jeffrey S Draeger $100.00
Anonymous $15.00
Maia R Meier $30.00
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Frank Luthi $250.00
Tracie Tsiamis $100.00
paul ralston $100.00
Dana Marie Wright $100.00
Jeffrey S Draeger $100.00
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Megan Draeger $250.00
Jordan Draeger $100.00
Debra Sells $50.00
Micah Sells $17.50
Ellie Sells $17.50

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“Have fun!”

- Sondra A. Sells

“God Bless his family, friends and your school!”

- Sheri M Fischer