2021 Restart

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2021 "On Your Marks..." Race Series -Runners "RESTART"  Run at LIVE Events or Remotely (aka Virtual). The world stopped in March 2020. Running went from running for 30 minutes a day  to walking up a flight of stairs while  gasping for breath. With unworn shoes, many of us are  back at square one, no one to run with, and zero races to train towards.

How do you get back the running mojo, and why should you even try? How do you get back out there when the game re-starting is so hard? 

The first step, COMMIT to at least one competitive 5K every month. If any of our LIVE events cancel, run it remotely. Just stay committed, enjoy the process, wear the swag and display the bling! Focus on  a healthier you. It's time to get back in the saddle and renew the feeling you get when you start running, and then to tap into that magical pool. From there, it’s just reverse engineering to get back into the running habit. 

Our Zero to 5K Program will help those of you that need a complete restart.

Zero to 5K

ZERO to 5K is a individual or group running program open to anyone of any ability. Our goal is to simply get more people active and moving to help build a healthier and stronger community.   It’s all about accountability, camaraderie, and fun!

With little or no running background whatsoever, Zero to 5K will transform you from couch potato to regular runner—one that can even exceed 3.1 miles—in just two months. Though it may be tempting to run out ahead of your training plan, resist the urge. If the program feels too strenuous, just lengthen it. Patience is the key. 

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Chocoholic 5K/10K/HALF
Hop Trot 5K at Littleport Brewery
4th Fest 5K - Remote Run aka Virtual Run/Walk
North Beach 5K - Racine
Bacon and Brews  - Bacon5Kegs
Root River Paddle Challenge II
Root River 5K Run/Walk - Presented by Billy's Posse
Pound the Pavement 5K Racine
Run for the BooBees - Rochester
A Spooktacular 5K - Swan's Pumpkin Farm
HOLIDAY MILE, a National Tradition for 11 years.
Turkey Trot 5K  - Racine
National Turkey Trot
Oak Creek Turkey Trot 5K
Leftover 5K Run/Walk - Racine, WI
Stuff the Sleigh 5K Run/Walk - Caledonia, WI
We Run the Parks  - National Challenge
Nearly Naked 5K Run/Walk - Racine, WI
Cabin Fever 5K  LIVE and Virtual - Oak Creek, WI
Cinco K Mayo
St. Pat's Day 5K/2K/.08K
Racine County K9-5K
Racine Family YMCA - Lighthouse Run
Illinois VS Wisconsin 5K Run/Walk
Be Mine 5K - Live and Virtual
Run Now, Wine Later 5K
Root River Paddle Challenge
Dash and Splash 5K Run/Walk
COVID-19 5K  - 19 Live or Virtual 5K's
Superheros VIRTUAL 5K
Quarantine 15 Fitness Program
Nearly Naked 5K - Rochester
Virtual Pregame 5K